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Mormon Wellness Project: 016: Mistakes Were Made, but Not by ME

In this episode Wendy Perry illustrates the harm that self-justification can do to individuals and organizations. “Mistakes were made, but not by me”, has become an all too common trope in modern culture. This “past-exonerative” positioning allows us to avoid true apologies and taking responsibility.  Through fascinating stories we learn how our brains trick us […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 015: Anger Management

Wendy explores anger in the master class on how to manage this sometimes confusing emotion. She makes a case for the benefits of channeling the power of anger as well as teaching us how to avoid its potential pitfalls. Some personal stories are shared and good old brass tacks advice on communication in marriage and […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 013: Is Emmanuel Swedenborg the father of Mormonism? Part One

In this episode Wendy continues to discuss the development of Joseph Smith’s theology and doctrines, this time examining the influence of Emmanuel Swendenborg, an 18th century scientist, mystic and theologian. The similarities can be startling and lead to more questions and fascination with the development and evolution of Mormonism. Part one lays out similarities in […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 011: Deception Points on the Trail of the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible

Wendy tackles the recent insight from BYU researchers that Joseph’s Inspired Translation of the Bible contains hundreds of references from a popular muti-volume  bible commentary  by Adam Clarke,  Wendy talks about types of deception and the differences between unconscious influence and  copying.  Are there any conclusions we can draw from this new insight? And what […]

Mormon Discussion Podcasts: Holiday Special 2017

Mormon Discussion Podcasts 2017 Holiday Special.  Several Hosts from our various programs have put together a Holiday Special simply sharing a Christmas thought and wishing you a Merry Christmas and an incredible Holiday Season.  Wendy Perry from the Mormon Wellness Project put this together with a little help from Skyler from the Mormon History Podcast, […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 008: Bishop Interviews

Today on the Mormon Wellness Project, Wendy Perry tackles the hot topic of LDS Lay leadership interviewing young children behind closed doors and asking questions that are sexual in nature.  What is appropriate and what isn’t?   And how can we better help our children with healthy boundaries?  Today we dive in!…daries-mormonism/ Wendy Perry, M.Ed. […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 006: Saints & Seances

Today is the Halloween special from the Mormon Wellness Project!!!  Today’s Episode “Saints & Seances” is a goulish way to kick off our Halloween Themed Episodes.   Wendy takes us into some of the history of Seances and how it applies to Mormonism and shares a scary story to leave us with the heebie jeebies. Wendy […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 004: Perfectionism pt2

Today on the Mormon Wellness Project mental health professional Wendy Perry dives into part 2 on the idea of perfectionsim. What is it that has us trying to be perfect and within Mormonism trying to achieve our salvation on our own? Is perfectionsim healthy and what can we learn from others who have had to […]