Mormon Wellness Project: 032: Why Change?

Wendy returns after a summer break but sounds a bit depressed. Never fear, she gets back in the flow with her perky, snarky self as she addresses “the huge” changes that have taken place while she’s been gone.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 032: Why Change?

  1. Fantastic questions… very cleaver and very relevant. You said you have been “blogging” is this essay from a blog somewhere? I “Googled” for about 5 mins and basically everything lead me back to here.

    I’d live to get a copy of it… again, your “deeper” & “thoughtful” questions are very compelling!

    Keep thinking, we all need you apart of the pack!

  2. IN the early days, its my understanding that when things got crazy and apostasy grew, Joseph Smith came up with new revelations. The whole idea of 2 people in the Godhead came from the apostasy time in Kirtland didn’t it?

    Anyway, I have wondered for a while if a new revelation is on the horizon in the LDS church…a big one. It seems to be the pattern.

    The next decade in the church is gunna be fascinating for multiple reasons.

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