Mormon Wellness Project: 030: Magical Parchments and Giving Brother Joseph a Break

The soil from which Mormonism sprung was a rich blend of religion, philosophy, and magic.In this episode Wendy shares information about some very interesting artifacts, the “magical parchments” which are now part of Hyrum Smith’s legacy. The three Parchments discussed are the “Holiness to the Lord Parchment”, the “St. Peter Bind Them Parchment”,  and the “Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah Parchment”. Even during his lifetime, Joseph tried to escape his own legacy as a treasure-seeker and someone interested in magic or the occult. But now that the “seer stone” has been outed, and we accept Oliver Cowdery’s  use of a diving rod, do we really need to fear or reject Mormonism’s magical  roots?  In an effort to be mainstream and less peculiar than we really are, historians and apologists have robbed us of a deeper understanding of the Smith family and the driving forces behind their faith. It’s time reclaim the MAGIC! Bonus interview with Zach Derr on his visit to the Wood museum to try to see the Jupiter Talisman.

Holiness to the Lord            Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah                                                   St Peter Bind Them


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