Mormon Wellness Project: 029: Joseph and the Jupiter Talisman

A trip to Palmyra to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant sets the stage for a look at something which used to be considered anti-mormon propaganda. But was it? Or is the tale of the Talisman  just another interesting part of the Mormon story. Wendy takes delves in to the controversy  of the Jupiter Talisman, who many claim was used by Joseph Smith and to be on his body at the time of his death.




One thought on “Mormon Wellness Project: 029: Joseph and the Jupiter Talisman

  1. While on an LDS mission in Australia, I ran into some ex-occultists. They were “dabblers”, but involved enough to have paraphernalia, books, and other things, including horrible memories of at least witnessing felony events. I didn’t know they were serious UNTIL they produced some of the paraphernalia. One thing that was perplexing was a book that was filled with symbols and sigils. One of those etched itself in my mind.

    Years later I became aware of this Jupiter Talisman and the parchments that Hyrum Smith had. When I saw those for the first time, the hair on the back of my neck stood up–there were similarities to the occult sigils I discovered years earlier.

    I was even more shocked when I began to see some of the same similarities with symbols on and in the temple. The whole idea of “binding the lord”….from “I the Lord and bound when ye do what I say…” That kindof stuff is frightening.

    Did the church start with Joseph Smith praying to God (as he claimed and changed years later over and over in the written account), or did it start in an occult book and tradition? The history, the astrology, the sacrificed animals, the treasure digging, and the fact that JS and HS had occult things on them even to the end, tend to support the latter beginning.

    Nice cast Wendy. Keep um coming. You are touching things many don’t want to talk about.

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