Mormon Wellness Project: 027: The Long Awaited Day: Wendy Perry Unscripted

formerly listed as episode 26*****trigger warning–contains unvarnished dialogue and quotes from church leaders regarding race which may be disturbing to some listeners. Language may not be appropriate for all ages.

In honor of the 40 year anniversary celebration in Salt Lake City today, June 1 2018 commemorating the 1878 revelation which “allowed” blacks of African descent to be ordained to the priesthood in the Mormon church, Wendy tells you what she really thinks about at least one event leading up to this day, an article in the Ensign.  Roots the miniseries? Why should blacks have been excited about genealogy? Why do Mormon publications continue to lay on the mortice of the “some future day” doctrine which is completely enmeshed with racism, and  yet refuse to apologize for its past. Instead, the church prefers to move on and forget about it all. So why the endless pronouncements containing tiny excepts from very long, extremely racist quotes and speeches by former prophets tied to the past? Wendy uses specific examples to highlight this type of “Cherry-picking” of quotes.

*Use of dialects is not intended to cast aspersions on any person or  particular part of the country, world, or universe. and not even to make fun of anyone, it’s just my way of staying sane in a world that in my opinion grows increasingly void of  logic, reason, and adequate rational for anything it does. WP

Topics: Ensign article regarding “Some future day” or something like that. June 2018





2 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 027: The Long Awaited Day: Wendy Perry Unscripted

  1. I love you Wendy. Thank the gods for your podcasts. We are listening and learning so much from you. Thank you!!!

  2. My absolute joy and pleasure. Thank you for those thoughtful, kind words. I know it takes going out of your way to post comments, so I really appreciate you Isaac.

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