Mormon Wellness Project: 024: The Mormon Apology Hoax and My New Essay

Before the Mormon Race Apology Hoax in May 2018 Wendy was preparing a podcast  which included her own “fake” apology. With the approaching anniversary of the 1978 revelation ending race restrictions in the church, Wendy offers a “new essay” for a new day. Though partly tongue in cheek, this new essay cuts through the murkiness surrounding the church’s attempts to explain its past record on the priesthood ban.  Rather than trying to fool anyone and cause unnecessary grief, her obvious “fake” essay still makes the points, racism was in the doctrine, so the church would do well do ofter a real apology. Here is a paragraph from her essay:

“The truth is, forget all the stuff we said before, again. We absolutely DO know why the church ban existed. It existed because our leaders in the past weren’t discerning enough to separate weird, evil, racist stuff in the world from what the scriptures actually say, that “all are alike unto God”. We want to clean up the mess we made over all these years by holding to racist beliefs and blaming it on an inscrutable God all the way till 2018. Instead we should have just admitted the obvious. They leaders were racist in the past and we covered for them. We did this because they were prophets, and we are prophets too, so we were afraid if you stopped believing in the divine role of prophets in the past, you’d stop believing in us…”


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