Mormon Wellness Project: 023: Washing Off the Glue: The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Teach Your Kids: Plus bonus Essay “Crazy Talk”

Talking to kids about how to work through emotional pain may be easier than you think, and probably more essential.  With the pressure to have the all important “Birds and the Bees” talk, Wendy makes a case for the value of preparing kids for the  hurts in life as well. By teaching kids a few simple ideas about pain and loss, parents and kids will have a much better framework in place for when sad things happen. As every parent knows, little hurts can seem earth-shattering to kids. Using adult logic, etc. probably will not help them,  so take a listen and you can become a pro at raising kids who are more resilient to the ups and downs of life. And, just maybe, you’ll apply a few of these principles to your very own grown-up life.

Music promotion by Norwegian gospel band “Frisk Luft”


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