Mormon Wellness Project: 018: Fresh Courage Take: Protecting Kids from Sexual Abuse

***This episode is meant for adult listeners. Please use your best judgment if you think this podcast may tigger re-tramatization. All cases described are in reference to real situations but care has been taken to disguise the identity of these persons.  In this episode Wendy heads back to the therapist chair to talk about her real life experiences working with young survivors of abuse. Bishops and other leaders may be the one person a child decides to disclose instances of sexual abuse to. But without training on how to pick up on the hints and clues that kids are giving them, many opportunities to save children from further trauma may be lost. We learn the 4 most important things about child disclosure, stages of victimization and what we can do as parents, families and citizens to protect our kids. Pedophilia is briefly discussed, but the emphasis here is on knowledge and awareness of the dynamics of abuse for the child and the family. The vast majority of sex abuse occurs with someone the child knows. Are they prepared? Are you prepared? Now is the time to take up our courage and be more pro-active in educating our own children and supporting changes that will move us closer to a world free of this evil.



1. Children who disclose sexual abuse often tell a trusted adult other than a parent. For this reason,   training for people who work with children is especially important.

2.Children may tell portions of what happened or pretend it happened to someone else to gauge adult reaction.

3. Children will often “shut down” and refuse to tell more if you respond emotionally or negatively.

4. Children will recant or minimize abuse out of fear and because of the way adults treat them. It is extremely rare for a child to initiate a false disclosure of sexual abuse. Children need to be believed.


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