Mormon Wellness Project: 009: Jacob Marley’s Ghost – Saints and Seances part 2

Today on the Mormon Wellness Project, Wendy Perry tackles how magic is seen throughout the ages and specifically how much of the magic is lost in an age of verifiable history, and she uses Jacob Marley as teaching tool.  How we are wired to look for explanations for what we perceive as explainable, and how we have to shift to defining miracles differently and look for a different kind of miracle in our daily lives.

Wendy Perry, M.Ed. LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas.

This content is informational. It is not intended to serve as any psychological service/advice/diagnosis and is not a substitute for consultation with your healthcare provider. No informational material can be applicable to everyone or describe the behavior of all people. This content described behaviors and symptoms that are common within certain personality conditions. The information detailed here may change (based on other research studies) and my differ from the opinion of other experts.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 009: Jacob Marley’s Ghost – Saints and Seances part 2

  1. I have noticed that most atheists, rationalists etc, are quite opinionated regarding the absence of the supernatural, the occult etc. If you are going to opine on something, you have to do more than read and then write about it. You can’t opine on food without tasting it. I am curious to what extent you have dabbled in the occult before?

  2. You mentioned how “correlation” has sought to stamp out this spiritualism history, like divining rods, seances, astrology, etc. Its AMAZING how the pendulum swings to extremes. The goal of this correlation system seems to be the re-writing of historical facts in such a way to support a predefined image made in the correlation committee’s image.

    Its dishonest, but even that concept is transformed as the committee envisions.

    By the way, the music at the end was beautiful.

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