Mormon Wellness Project: 006: Saints & Seances

Today is the Halloween special from the Mormon Wellness Project!!!  Today’s Episode “Saints & Seances” is a goulish way to kick off our Halloween Themed Episodes.   Wendy takes us into some of the history of Seances and how it applies to Mormonism and shares a scary story to leave us with the heebie jeebies.

Wendy Perry, M.Ed. LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas.

This content is informational. It is not intended to serve as any psychological service/advice/diagnosis and is not a substitute for consultation with your healthcare provider. No informational material can be applicable to everyone or describe the behavior of all people. This content described behaviors and symptoms that are common within certain personality conditions. The information detailed here may change (based on other research studies) and my differ from the opinion of other experts. also the licensure boards are weirdly picky about how we write out credentials.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 006: Saints & Seances

  1. Wow, how interesting and timely. Too bad it was cut right at the best part. I suppose only the LDS church has the right to perform authorized Seances.

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