Mormon Wellness Project: 004: Perfectionism pt2

Today on the Mormon Wellness Project mental health professional Wendy Perry dives into part 2 on the idea of perfectionsim. What is it that has us trying to be perfect and within Mormonism trying to achieve our salvation on our own? Is perfectionsim healthy and what can we learn from others who have had to work through dealing with and through perfectionsim.

Wendy Perry, M.Ed. LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas.

This content is informational. It is not intended to serve as any psychological service/advice/diagnosis and is not a substitute for consultation with your healthcare provider. No informational material can be applicable to everyone or describe the behavior of all people. This content described behaviors and symptoms that are common within certain personality conditions. The information detailed here may change (based on other research studies) and my differ from the opinion of other experts. also the licensure boards are weirdly picky about how we write out credentials.


One thought on “Mormon Wellness Project: 004: Perfectionism pt2

  1. Fantastic upgrade in the music intro, it awesome!!
    Contents sounds a lot more professional.

    Personally I do miss the star Trek reference, but all in all this intro will appeal to a greater audience.

    I shall perhaps listened to this again… I don’t pay full attention to podcasts when I listen to them, and I remember I wanted to leave this comment while agreeing with everything that was shared.

    My story is similar in many ways to that of Bill’s, I found myself not being able to match god’s LDS expectations, but neither did His church match it’s own expectations. While it’s easy to just blame the members, truth begs to differ.

    I apply Moroni 7:16-17 to it’s fullest, meaning that if it inspires me then it is of God, but if it doesn’t then it’s overreaching and it is of the devil. There are aspects in the LDS church that demanded way to much perfection, however I do find LDS members less perfectionist than what it was 20 years ago.

    Brad’s Wilcox message of grace is spreading throughout the church like a prairie fire, but one has to wonder where is God taking us as a Church. If Book of Mormon is any example of what the True Church looked like it didn’t fare to well… and the stone that is rolling forth isn’t exactly filling the whole earth… but Mormonism is making a cultural impact worldwide – and we are acting more than being acted upon.

    Well, I’ve rambled way too long to borrow from Jack Naneek (is that the way your supposed to built).

    I wonder if progressive mormons may sway the pendulum to the other extreme where we stop asking anything from ourselves and become way too much self compassionate. Being perfectionist is no longer my issue.

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