Mormon Wellness Project: 003: Perfectionism

Today on the Mormon Wellness Project mental health professional Wendy Perry dives into the idea of perfectionsim.  What is it that has us trying to be perfect and within Mormonism trying to achieve our salvation on our own?  Is perfectionsim healthy and what can we learn from others who have had to work through dealing with and through perfectionsim.

Wendy Perry is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas.


One thought on “Mormon Wellness Project: 003: Perfectionism

  1. Wow, I know a lot of people that can use this information, but they will need to look past some of the quirkiness in the delivery of this podcast.

    It is pure gold if you can look past the weirdness and be objective with the information shared.

    “Self-Compassion” will now be my new motto. =) Thanks!!

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