Mormon Wellness Project: 001: I Have a Dream

Today a new series begins with the Mormon Wellness Project.  Host and Health Professional Wendy Perry opens up with her first episode “I Have a Dream” and helps us see professional health side of trauma and community and balancing the two.


4 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 001: I Have a Dream

  1. Nice teaser, short but to the point. Star Trek background music is an interesting choice, seems to refer to take our thoughts to places where they may have never gone before.

    That said the need to express angst without meddling the waters for others is an interesting call, but not so easily done. I’m not sure if I’m left with a solution, but being respectful and compassionate for other people no matter what stage of life they are in never hurt anyone, but has it ever been a catalyst for action.

    I say this because it seems like Bill is anxious for change, but how he goes about obtaining that and making a better church for all of us seems unclear.

  2. great points. It feels like walking a tightrope sometimes.

    One thing that I’ve learned is that humans are always looking for a nice door to exit. A door number C. But there isn’t always that option. Billions of years of events put us right here and now with door A and B to choose from. Picking the lesser of 2 evils is kind of my choice right now. and the worst of that is, the calculus involves whom do I choose to hurt. Does that make any sense?
    Do you ever want to be interviewed? Let me know. Thanks so much for commenting. …W

  3. I am on the outside Wendy. It has taken a while to let go of the anger, and the final comments you made in this cast were a good reminder of how far I’ve come.

    My sons are still in, and I love them. Its been difficult to find a balance to deal with my own feelings of betrayal, while trying to love and be a good father to my boys. Not an easy pathway, oh….but what progress I have made. GOOD progress….

    Have a story to share:

    No one has made any efforts to come find me–in fact, before I left I begged my bishop for help because I didn’t know what to believe in my situation. I kept track of the times he made appointments or otherwise said he would meet with me and broke those engagements. I stopped counting at 14.

    During that time a GA came down from HQ, put his arm around the Stake President in Stake conference and said: “The Lord has revealed to me that your Stake President is a man of god.”

    A week or so later, this Stake President put his arm around the bishop in Ward Conference and said: “The Lord has revealed to me that your Bishop is a man of god.”

    It was this bishop who never kept appointments. So, at that time, I figured I “wasn’t worth him keeping an appointment.” Or, “I wasn’t important on his calendar.” I just “was worth less” than him reaching out to me, as I was hurting. Eventually, the message was I was “worthless”….because in that circumstance, I was.

    Since he was clearly a “man of God”…(this came right through the ranks–it was unmistakable), I must not be worth much to God in the first place, because a Man of God does what God wants…and if I am discarded, I must be worthless to God as well.

    About this time, I read the book Miracle of Forgiveness. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!….OWIE!!!!

    I’m smiling as I write this…WOW, the perfect storm!!!

    Anyway,…this happened many years ago, and I’m reconciled inside and in a much MUCH better place.

    Now I’m only bringing this Wendy because you suggested a topic on “shame & guilt” in your introductory post. That is a topic I see swirl around me among many,..and it would be VERY INTERESTING to hear a good devoted pod-cast on that topic.

    As a therapist I bet you have a LOT of very interesting experiences with that specific topic.

    I think shame & guilt are destructive. But they are often used as tools to enforce conformity. So that is the one I want to hear about, especially with things like the LGBT issues, and what about those who are single and feeling lost because they are not married in a “family ward”…

  4. thanks so much for sharing that and being vulnerable. Were you a teenager then when he kept “overlooking” you? So interesting your sons are active. thank you so much for listening and commenting. message me on facebook at wendy merrill perry if you have any topic suggestions. I’m so sorry you went through all of that. Yep, glad I never bothered to read Miracle of Forgiveness or had it pushed on me. Phew!

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