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Mormon Wellness Project: 030: Magical Parchments and Giving Brother Joseph a Break

The soil from which Mormonism sprung was a rich blend of religion, philosophy, and magic.In this episode Wendy shares information about some very interesting artifacts, the “magical parchments” which are now part of Hyrum Smith’s legacy. The three Parchments discussed are the “Holiness to the Lord Parchment”, the “St. Peter Bind Them Parchment”,  and the […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 027: The Long Awaited Day: Wendy Perry Unscripted

formerly listed as episode 26*****trigger warning–contains unvarnished dialogue and quotes from church leaders regarding race which may be disturbing to some listeners. Language may not be appropriate for all ages. In honor of the 40 year anniversary celebration in Salt Lake City today, June 1 2018 commemorating the 1878 revelation which “allowed” blacks of African […]

Mormon Wellness Project: 023: Washing Off the Glue: The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Teach Your Kids: Plus bonus Essay “Crazy Talk”

Talking to kids about how to work through emotional pain may be easier than you think, and probably more essential.  With the pressure to have the all important “Birds and the Bees” talk, Wendy makes a case for the value of preparing kids for the  hurts in life as well. By teaching kids a few simple […]